Flying L Ranch

Flying L, Bandera, Texas

This video was taken at the The Flying L Resort and Estates in Bandera, Texas. This planned community is uniquely Texan in the fact that you can play golf on an 18 hole course, go on hay rides, float the river, play at the water park, enjoy the exotic wildlife, sleep in a Tee Pee,

Texas Mineral Rights…Do you have any?

Texas Mineral Rights, do you have any?  I get a lot of questions about mineral rights when my clients are buying and selling land here in Texas. Let me take a second to say that, “I am not an attorney or a landman, nor am I an expert in mineral or surface rights”. You must

Triple Murder Kills the Deal!

I stumble into the Craziest situations out selling real estate, as in Triple Murder Crazy. I was showing a couple this house in Castroville, TX and the listing agent wanted to show us around, and as we are making small talk he says, “Hey did you read the Sellers Disclosure”? I said “no” and he said,