Triple Murder Kills the Deal!


I stumble into the Craziest situations out selling real estate, as in Triple Murder Crazy. I was showing a couple this house in Castroville, TX and the listing agent wanted to show us around, and as we are making small talk he says, “Hey did you read the Sellers Disclosure”? I said “no” and he said, “Oh, well there was a Triple Murder here in this house about 7 years ago. Oh and a suicide too, because the killer killed himself”. I say, “are you kidding me”? “No, no, just wanted to let you know”. My client comes down the hall and says, did you just say Triple Murder? Yes that’s right. My client say’s “We’re Out!”. We gathered up and left, needless to say they are still looking for their dream home. But if you would like a house where 3 people were killed and 1 committed suicide, let me know. There are people living there now, however I don’t know why they are moving, but I have some pretty good guesses. So as not to leave you hanging on what had happened there, you can go to this link and read the awful tragedy that happened at that house.