Bandera Schools


The Mission of the Bandera ISD is to provide all students with the opportunity to succeed at their highest levels…


Bandera ISD Bulldog

Bandera Schools Summary

  • BISD officially established in 1935   
  • The Bandera ISD District is located in Bandera County, Bandera and      Pipe Creek, TX         
  • BISD is made up of 4 schools that serve 2,539 students in grades PK-12        
  • The Bandera ISD District spends $7,875 per pupil in current expenditures
  • The Bandera school mascots are the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs

History of Bandera Schools... Although photos and documents record the existence of public schools in Bandera County during the late 1800’s, it was on April 1st, 1935 that the Board of Trustees of Bandera School District #1 met and organized the schools as an official entity.

Bandera ISD Today…

  • Bandera ISD has grown to a district of over 2,500 students with more than 400 employees. We have moved from one school building in downtown Bandera that housed all of our students, to four campuses including two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. In addition to an administrative central office complex, the district also has a modern support facility which is the home to our transportation, maintenance, and food service departments.
  • Bandera ISD consists of over 400 square miles encompassing the eastern half of Bandera County which includes a number of rural communities including: Bandera, Wharton’s Dock, Tarpley, Pipe Creek, and Lakehills.

Bandera ISD History Tid-Bits:
In 1935, the Board accepted a bid of $50 to wire the school building for lights, moving away from the need for kerosene in the classroom.In 1938, the Board authorized the Superintendent to purchase the necessary equipment for the formation of the first Bandera drum and bugle corps.

  • Some other notable items in the early board minutes include: classroom textbooks being leased for twenty five cents per year, the Board authorizing a yearly budget of $15 to purchase books and supplies for the library.
  • In 1939, the Board could not agree on the purchase of the first adding machine for the district, and had to table the decision for the next meeting.
  • In looking at salaries during those formative years of the district secondary teachers were paid $120 per month and elementary teachers were paid $100 per month. The principal receive a whopping $130 per month and the Superintendent an unheard of $155 per month.